Client success: Philz Coffee.  
With a loyal customer base and incredibly happy employees, Philz Coffee was on the cusp scaling, facing projected 10x growth over the coming three years. Philz came to Cunningham Collective for help cementing its culture, enhancing and maintaining the customer experience, and refining its position and brand to prepare for this scale. 
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In Defense of Positioning. 
My passion is positioning companies for success, specifically technology companies, and I’m writing a book about the process I developed to do this. I like to think of it as Trout and Ries 2.0. It’s a how-to manual for articulating what your company actually does and why it matters... 
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CMO wisdom via our podcasts.  
Michael Mendenhall, the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Communications Officer of Flex joins Andy for a wide-ranging educational (and inspirational) conversation on the brand transformation at Flex, learning the art of narrative at Disney, being hazed at HP, and the need to be opportunistic and flexible in your organization and your own career. Listen now

what we do

Cunningham Collective is a marketing consulting firm that provides companies diverse expertise in positioning, branding, communications, go to market, on demand leadership and collective intelligence.  

We build brands.

Our trailblazing clients tell us our position, brand, and go to market work feels more like an exercise in strategy than in creativity. The results ring true internally and externally; more important, they win. That’s because we root our work in art and in science, and above all in our clients’ DNA. 

We grow businesses.

Whether you’re launching a company, product, or movement, you’ll need traction. We deliver. We’re not about PowerPoints and ideas. We’re about solving problems, moving markets, and dominating categories.

We scale C-suites.

We are a team of veteran technology marketing and operations executives, ready to think like you think, challenge assumptions, lead boldly, and get things happening. Momentum. Alignment. Action without distraction.

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