The work was truly transformational. Siteworx was incredibly successful with the repositioning and it is fascinating to watch how the broader market is moving to a Build Fast, Run Strong messaging framework as well as a Design, Build, Optimize delivery model. Thanks to Cunningham Collective's work we beat the market by a year!

the Challenge

Siteworx was one of the leading mid-market digital agencies implementing large scale CMS solutions. In an effort to grow outside of their technology roots, they began to add a multitude of services, confusing clients and alienating partners. Cunningham Collective was brought in to help develop a unique, yet simplified, strategy for growth and a new refreshed brand identity.

the AHa!

The positioning engagement revealed an opportunity to focus on the design, build, run portion of the digital chain, specifically for mid-market B2B companies. The branding engagement revealed a market desire for a simple, direct and inspirational partner.

the Results

Corporate Strategy: Differentiated corporate strategy and positioning, message architecture and roadmap. Visual and Narrative Identity: Updated and simplified brand identity, style guide, logo, tagline and narrative. Website: Entirely new website to reflect the new brand identity, streamlined service offerings and differentiated approach. Content: Updated case studies, event handouts and promotional materials, as well as internal templates and messaging guidelines.