Strategic Communication

Businesses operate in a sea of sameness. The only way to rise above the noise and get noticed is to have the courage to make waves. In Communication, it is our responsibility to help the client make that happen in a positive way. We deliver value through our cultivated network, depth of experience and an honest yet persuasive delivery.

Whether the Communication goal is to accelerate growth, increase shareholder value or advance corporate reputation, we’ve been there to make it happen. Founder Andy Cunningham came to Silicon Valley in 1983 to work for Regis McKenna and help Steve Jobs launch the Macintosh. Years later when Steve left Apple to form NeXT and acquire Pixar, he chose Andy and her public relations agency to represent him. She continued to work with Steve for several years and has developed marketing, branding and communication strategies for game-changing technologies and companies ever since.

As a firm dedicated to bringing innovation to market, we work with numerous companies in various markets including telecommunication, search, energy efficiency, media and publishing, finance, mobile apps, display technology, healthcare, big data and semiconductors to help them make waves and get noticed. If we cannot see the impact of our results, then we are not doing the right things and must iterate to gain momentum.


PR doesn’t happen all at once or just at launch.

Strategic Communication is an ongoing process to manage the public attitude toward your business, brands, products and services. Unique, logical, well-framed stories and campaigns are formed best with a sound strategic plan based in experience and skill at uncovering both quantitative and qualitative data insights from research. This level of care and innovation is what mitigates the existing unknowns of PR activities, saving clients money and perpetual headaches.


PR isn’t press and publicity, it’s influencers too.

Strategic Communication is more than getting mentions and blurbs to the press. It’s about seeing things through the viewer’s eyes, validating their concerns, excitement, and knowledge of you. In today’s world, those messages can come from traditional press, publicity or influencers and across multiple channels of delivery. Here it’s not about noise but legitimacy, integrity, and connecting the message to the audience through someone they trust, respect or even adore.

No marketing investment could be more cost effective than public relations with a sound positioning strategy.


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