Organizations often underestimate the depth and methodology required to develop definitive branding, not our clients. Working together, we bring a brand to life by cultivating the emotional expression that captures a precise strategic market position unique to your business. As a trusted extension of your team, we are committed, pragmatic, efficient and effective.

The Cunningham Collective promise is to devise and deliver a dynamic brand experience, one that engages your target audience in a meaningful and lasting manner. To build a strong relationship between your organization and your constituents by establishing a deep connection rooted in purpose and powered by emotion. It’s the means to align your vision, organization, culture, offerings, customers, and all stakeholders—forming a powerful vehicle for market growth. 

We create through agility and accommodation while crafting a brand presence that will carry you far.

  1. A Discovery and Immersion phase ensures that your brand is saturated with essential elements of your core DNA.
  2. Collaboration and Ideation bring the meaningful and distinctive elements of your offering and organization to the forefront.
  3. These ideas are pushed through Optimization and Enhancement to purify and perfect the distinction of your brand.
  4. As you commence Implementation and Execution, we are right there with you to make sure your strategy gets proliferated correctly and consistently.
  5. Measurement and Analysis follow, identifying the strengths of your program and any further optimizations that may be required. 

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