the Challenge

Founded by the woman behind Bare Minerals, Colorescience has been available through dermatologists and spas for over ten years, but a new leadership team recognized an opportunity to take the product directly to consumers. They engaged Cunningham Collective to reposition the brand and better differentiate it against a crowded sea of competitors.

the AHa!

We guided their executive team and board through a repositioning that revealed that "mineral makeup" as a category had been steadily declining over the years and it was time to reimagine the company to be more relevant in the trend-driven beauty industry. Cunningham Collective helped to reposition Colorescience as the creators of “suncare-as-makeup” and reinvigorated the brand so that it fit into today's modern lifestyles. From there we crafted a fresh and unique story that led to an entirely new website experience, a mission-based suncare campaign, and a thought leadership platform Colorescience could credibly own. 

the Results

Soon after the repositioning, Colorescience's stronger story compelled investors to fund a recent Series B round of $15 million. Cunningham Collective also served as interim marketing leaders throughout 2014 helping the marketing team with their go-to-market plans, including strategies for PR, social, digital, eCommerce, and partnerships. Colorescience’s leadership team called the experience with Cunningham Collective “transformational” and “rewarding, collaborative and personal," thanking us for “reinvigorating [their] brand and minds.”