Leon Hunt

Leon is Cunningham Collective’s CFO. Building value is his primary purpose at Cunningham Collective. “Value” translates to the work we do for clients, the value paid for our efforts and the return on monetary and emotional investment for all Collective stakeholders.

Under the umbrella of “building value” Leon applies his skills to the areas of funding, business and revenue modeling and execution, business metrics, new service delivery (including acquisitions), deal making, company structure, business infrastructure development, banking and other professional partnerships, tax, contracts and overall management. He also coaches and advises all members of our wicked smart team and when needed advises Collective clients on business matters.  

Leon began his professional career with the audit/assurance team at the Silicon Valley office of KPMG with a focus on tech and defense contracting clients.  He was one of the original members of offices’ Private Business Advisory group and expanded his focus and advisory role to tech start-up and other evolving businesses. His experience with this group sparked his passion to grow businesses and build value.  This passion continues with Collective and its clients.

He is a licensed CPA, and he earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting from Santa Clara University.

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