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Fox Business: Apple is the first ever essential luxury brand: Former Apple executive Andy Cunningham - 8/1/2018

Higher Ed Live: DNA-Based Positioning: Lessons from Silicon Valley - 6/28/2018

Fox Business: Apple's Oprah Deal a Great First Step in its Entertainment Push? - 6/18/2018

The Freeman Company: Live Events Are the Next Big Thing in Branding - 5/1/2018

Fox Business: Privacy No Longer Exists in the Age of Facebook? - 4/19/2018

PRWeek: Cunningham Collective Wins Best in Corporate Branding Award for BlackBerry Brand Transformation - 3/15/2018

Entrepreneur: Live Events Are the Next Big Thing in Branding - 3/1/2018

MKTGinsight: What's Your Brand's Positioning DNA? - 2/19/2018

RemarkablePodcast: What Leaders Must Know About Positioning with Andy Cunningham - 1/31/2018

Fox Business: Why Apple’s unlikely to manufacture new products in the US - 1/25/2018

Skillsoft Blog: Get to Aha!: Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Your Competition - 1/5/2018

Skillsoft Off the Shelf: What's Your Positioning DNA? - 1/8/2018

Money for Lunch: Andy Cunningham - Get to Aha!, Branding, Position - 12/22/2017

Chief Executive: There Are Only 3 Types Of Companies In The World. Which One Are You? - 12/13/2017

Actionable Books: Get To Aha! Author Interview with Andy Cunningham - 12/11/2017

Push Pull Sales Podcast: Discovering Your Company's DNA with Andy Cunningham - 12/6/2017

Business Insider: Steve Jobs and Apple learned a huge lesson from the failure of the original Macintosh - 12/4/2017

MSN: Andy Cunningham on Getting to Aha!! - 12/4/2017

EntreLeadership Podcast: 6 C's of Positioning a Brand - 12/4/2017

Quartzy: Using Airbnb isn't Fun Anymore - 12/3/2017

Brand Driven Digital: How to Create “Aha!” Positioning for Your Brand with Andy Cunningham - 11/20/2017

MSN: Steve Jobs' former publicist on how he used his 'reality distortion field' to control Apple's image - 11/20/2017

Business Insider: Steve Jobs' former publicist on how he used his 'reality distortion field' to control Apple's image - 11/20/2017

DMN Podcast: One on One: From Apple to Aha! with Andy Cunningham - 11/17/2017

MSN: Why I loved working with Steve Jobs even though he fired me 5 times and treated me terribly - 11/15/2017

Business Insider: Why I loved working with Steve Jobs even though he fired me 5 times and treated me terribly - 11/15/2017

Cheddar: Don't Expect Any "Next Big Things" From Apple in Next Few Years - 11/14/2017

Bookstr: Diversity in Silicon Valley, Branding, Positioning, and Working with Steve Jobs - 11/14/2017

LeadershipNow: The Leadership Triangle - 11/13/2017

USA Today Talking Tech Podcast: Apple's got a new DNA, per Andy Cunningham - 11/12/2017

Caroline Harth: If You Are a Visionary and Your Client is Not, Find Another Client - 11/9/2017

Fox Business/Varney & Co.: How Apple operations under CEO Tim Cook differ from Steve Jobs - 11/9/2017

KGO-AM/Techonomics: Get to Aha! With Andy Cunningham Part 2 - 11/5/2017

KGO-AM/Techonomics: Get to Aha! With Andy Cunningham Part 1 - 11/5/2017

Fox Business: Apple: How Tim Cook compares to Steve Jobs - 11/3/2017

Book Spin: In My TBR Stack: Get to Aha! - 11/2/2017

Forbes: Brand Advice That Will Help You Dominate Your Competition - 11/2/2017

Huffington Post: Do You Know Your Brand Down To Its Core? - 10/31/2017

LeadX Podcast: Know Your Brand: The 6 Steps To Amazing Marketing – 10/26/17

Skip Prichard: Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Your Competition – 10/22/17

Young Upstarts: Motherhood Isn’t For Everyone – 10/19/17

Ad Pulp: Get To Aha! Takes A Look At Positioning in the 21st Century – 10/14/17

KNTV-TV/Press:Here: Andy Cunningham: “Get To Aha!”– 10/13/17

Brainfluence Podcast: Get to Aha! with Andy Cunningham – 10/12/17

Bookstr: Facebook Live Event with Andy Cunningham – 10/11/17

CEO Blog Nation: 28 Entrepreneur & Business Tips from the CEO’s Bookshelf – 10/8/17

Branding Strategy Insider: In Brand Positioning Less Is More – 10/4/17

Gründerszene: Was die ehemalige PR-Beraterin von Steve Jobs deutschen Gründern rät – 9/26/17

The Game Changer Network: Get to Aha!: Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Your Competition – 9/22/17

PR Week: Marketing the iPhone X? Piece of cake. Apple’s bigger challenge is the iPhone 8 – 9/15/17

San Jose Mercury News: Uber confirms CEO hire – 8/29/17

San Jose Mercury News: Uber CEO admits mistakes, vows reform following sexual harassment claims  – 2/21/17

PR Week: How PR can make the VR opportunity real – 12/2/16

San Jose Mercury News: Palantir using big data to solve big humanitarian crises – 10/4/16

San Jose Mercury News: Uber hires Target marketing exec as president of ride-sharing – 8/30/16

PR Newswire: GrowthPlay Announces Andy as Board Member - 8/23/16

CNBC: How has Tim Cook fared? – 8/22/16

PR Week: It’s time for PR to embrace its inner geek – 5/27/16

CNBC: Beyond the iPhone – 5/3/16

Talking Points: Marketing Discussion with xUC CMOs – 4/28/16

PR Week: Getting ready for a tech slowdown – 2/12/16

Bloomberg Business: Why Apple Feels the Need to Defend Steve Jobs – 3/27/15

CNN: Andy Cunningham on her experience in launching the Macintosh with Steve Jobs – 1/4/16

Macworld: What Joanna Hoffman told Kate Winslet while shooting the ‘Steve Jobs’ movie – 11/4/15

Apple Insider: Steve Jobs promoted opportunities for women at Apple, NeXT – 11/3/15

IEEE: Steve Jobs’ Real-World Leading Ladies Gather – 11/3/15

PR Week: Cunningham organizes Steve Jobs panel –  11/3/15

Re/Code: Women From Apple’s Early Days Recall Working With Steve Jobs – 11/2/15

Silicon Beat: Female colleagues competed over standing up to Steve Jobs – 11/2/15

CNET: Steve Jobs' legacy includes the women he inspired – 11/2/15

Menlo College: Menlo College Trustee Andy Cunningham Portrayed in "Steve Jobs" Film – 11/2/15

CNBC: Andy Talking About Apple's Success & Her Upcoming Panel of The Women Leaders Who Worked with Steve Jobs – 10/28/15

Everything PR: Andrea Cunningham: PR Flack Who Represented Steve Jobs, Portrayed By Sarah Snook – 10/22/15

SF Gate (Personal Essay): What it was really like to work for Steve Jobs – 10/18/15

Bloomberg West: Andy gives her take of the Steve Jobs film – 10/10/15

Cult of Mac: Andy on her character and the film – 10/9/15

Mashable: Andy's review of the Steve Jobs film – 10/9/15

CNBC: Andy talking about the film and what the script gets right – 10/9/15

USA Today: Andy separating truth from fiction on the Steve Jobs film – 10/8/15

PR Week (Personal Essay): Andy Cunningham on the real Steve Jobs: Honoring the memory of a legend – 9/25/15

USA Today, Talking Tech (Appearance): What's Apple have in store next week? – 9/6/15

USA Today, Talking Tech (Interview): She was Steve Jobs' first publicist – 9/6/15

Bloomberg West: The Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs – 8/27/15

Enterprise Innovation: Marketing in Silicon Valley: From Apple to Avaya – 7/28/15

Bloomberg Business: Why Apple Feels the Need to Defend Steve Jobs – 3/27/15

PR Week: Despite the price tag, it’s time for marketers to embrace Apple Watch – 3/13/15

The Economist Group: The Entrepreneurial CMOment: Q&A with Andy Cunningham, CMO, Avaya – 2/23/15

FleishmanHillard TRUE: Andy Cunningham's Insights on Enterprise Transformation as CMO at Avaya: Culture, Brand, Positioning – 12/11/14

Enterprise Connect: CMO Andy Cunningham's Mission: Make Avaya Cool – 7/11/14 One CMO’s journey from Apple to Avaya: Q&A with Andy Cunningham – 6/19/14