From The Collective – November 2016

How can November go by without a note of thanks to all who make this little missive possible? First, thank you to each of you who opened it. I hope you find a nugget of interest here and I hope you keep reading. Thanks also to our clients who give us purpose and meaning and to whom I hope we add value in the journey that is marketing. Thanks as well must go to the Collective: Chelsea (our newest member), Ekram, Emily, Henry, Kate, Lee, Leon, Richard and Rosabel. You guys are awesome! And to those of you who contributed so much to the Collective as we defined ourselves: Andrew, Becky, Brian, JJ, John, Kevin, Louis, Paul, Rick, Savannah, Steven and Victoria. The best part of what I do is working with amazing people with the opportunity to do amazing things. Thank you!

Andy Cunningham


Client success: Tile.  
Cunningham Collective led the go-to-market strategy, execution of launch, creation fundraising materials and provided executive coaching — all of which were instrumental in securing Tile’s $9.5M Series A financing. See how


Corporate DNA drives business. Do you know yours? 
We’ve discovered that each company possesses three distinct strands of corporate genesis DNA intertwined to differentiate it from all others and drive tomorrow's business. Discover your DNA

CMO wisdom via our podcast series.
Menaka Shroff, Head of Marketing at Betterworks, joins us over a margarita to talk about marketing technology, staying on message, her time at Box, and the importance of mentoring. Listen now

On Failing.  Andy Cunningham
In Silicon Valley "fail fast fail often" is certainly a way of life. But the lesson it is designed to teach is that of "the pivot" not the Mulligan. In other words if at first you don't succeed, don't try, try again. Pivot to what the market wants. All success is based on a market for a product or service, whether that market is readers, customers, students or even company valuations. The pivot is designed to accept failure and realign assets to fit the market. It's really about continuous iteration. Eric Ries' The Lean Startup chronicles this process quite cogently for startup companies. But it applies to everything else as well. And in Silicon Valley, change is the norm and pivots abound. It is what progress is made of and how we change the world. Or rather, how we readjust our dreams to meet the needs of the world.


Cunningham Collective welcomes Mesosphere to its family of clients.
Partnering with GrowthPlay, we will provide messaging, marketing and sales effectiveness counsel and guidance. See our clients

Mothers, Mechanics and Missionaries to be published. 
Andy's book will be published by McGraw Hill in 2017. Sneak peak

Andy Cunningham joins the Virta Health's Advisory Board.

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