Andy’s New Book Get to Aha! Now Available


Today is a big day at Cunningham Collective! The founder of our firm, Andy Cunningham, has released her first book, Get to Aha!: Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Your Competition.

The book begins with two questions: Who are you as a company? Why do you matter?

These are two very simple questions but they are fundamental for understanding who your company is at your core, what your company does, what your primary value proposition is to your customers, how you are positioned against its competitors and finally how to tell its story in a compelling way to your customers and to the market.

In the chapters that follow, Andy describes the framework she has developed over decades of working with technology companies. It’s a methodology we put to work every day at Cunningham Collective. Our name reflects the truly collaborative nature of our client engagements and the diverse range of talents we bring to bear in our work.  

Part II of the book looks at our Aha! methodology in action, with six case studies of real companies that faced real positioning challenges in the real world. In these chapters, Andy recounts the transformational “Aha moments” from our DNA positioning workshops that put them on a journey to market success.

It’s precisely those moments that make Andy’s DNA methodology so successful. Any branding agency can deliver a fancy presentation with clever copy and fancy brand colors to a room of executives, the result of weeks of months of work with their creative team. But without a disciplined process that brings together the right people to work together on a positioning framework they can all get behind, that work, no matter how well-conceived, is at risk to fall flat.

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