Avoid the Marketing Leadership Mis-Hire: A Framework for Tech Startups to Get More out of Marketing Investment


One of the most common mistakes we see among tech-savvy startups is “the mis-hire”: early marketing investments that cost precious time and money, but don’t pay off. Why does this happen? We have a couple of theories.

Our first theory is that tech executives -- often engineers by background -- often have not had the exposure to understand the marketing discipline or the breadth of skill and expertise sets that it contains. Without that knowledge, they may hire for what they think marketing does, and miss hiring for what they need marketing to do.

Another theory is that tech executives know exactly what they need -- but because they don't "speak marketing," they fail to accurately express what they're looking for or to ask candidates the right questions. Engineers and marketers easily talk past each other without really understanding disconnects.

We created our Marketing Leadership Hiring framework to help. You can download the paper for free here. If we can answer any questions about it or offer additional advice, reach out to us.

And by the way: If you think PR and brand are the two most important marketing things to tackle first for your tech start-up, call us. Let us buy you coffee and explain how that might end up costing you valuable time and dollars. No sales gimmick, no strings. Just a genuine offer to share some of our most important advice to help your innovation get the traction it deserves.