SeriesC is now Cunningham Collective

While the name has changed, our mission has not: We are an innovation-to-market consulting firm that helps startups and enterprises in times of traction, turnaround, and transformation. 

Our new name better emphasizes two things:

  1. The pedigreed wisdom on which our work is built: we created our firm to improve how new innovations are brought to market, based on what she learned over three decades of creating categories and launching tech in Silicon Valley. We’re proud to have her name combined with ours.
  2. Our unique team and style of working: Andy artfully pieced together our “collective” of marketing strategy executive leaders – experts who canvas all of marketing’s disciplines and an array of industries and perspectives. And we bring a fresh “collective-style” approach to our work, which distinguishes us from typical brand agencies and growth management consultancies. We bring clients a vast network of talent beyond ourselves, matching the right people to projects and budgets so our momentum is as efficient as it is effective.

And watch for us in the coming days and weeks here:

  • Catch Andy live on Bloomberg West today at 1:45 pm Pacific Time where she’ll share her experience working with Steve Jobs and compare him to a few of today’s prominent CEOs.  
  • Andy is portrayed by actress Sarah Snook in the upcoming Steve Jobs film, a Danny Boyle/Aaron Sorkin interpretation of Walter Isaacson’s biography. The film opens Friday, October 9, in theaters around the US.
  • Andy and Cunningham Collective Principal Becky Bausman are both speaking at GSV Labs’ 2015 Pioneer Summit October 7-9 in Redwood City. We’re pleased to offer our Crowd members a 25% discount ($150 off) through Saturday, August 29 (use code CunninghamEarly)