Andy Cunningham's Insights on Enterprise Transformation as CMO at Avaya: Culture, Brand, Positioning

Andy_Cunningham_w2012SeriesC's innovation-to-market engagements with our clients frequently become interim marketing leadership arrangements, perhaps none so prominent as our current work for Silicon Valley-based Avaya. Our founder and CEO Andy Cunningham is embedded in a long-term CMO position at Avaya, where she is leading the charge to rebrand and position the company -- and transform its culture -- in the midst of a sweeping business model shift.  Her mission? "My challenge was pretty straightforward: How do you take a company that has its roots in the old telco world and make it relevant in the 21st century?" Recently, Andy sat down with the team at FleishmanHillard's TRUE online magazine to share her insights and process so far, about eight months in. The piece, which blends video and text, talks about how she realized Avaya's new market position, how she's working to help Avaya's 13,000 employees believe Avaya is a cool place to work, and how she sees Silicon Valley's current trends shaping the futures of enterprises.

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