Learn something new from the Mad Men era: The "radical" idea of customer-centric marketing plans

Since the days of the Mad Men era, the advertising industry has embraced a distinct discipline known as "account planning." It is, in essence, a focus on customer -- their motivators, their values, their needs --  (oh, and on actual data as well) in order to craft ad strategies that work. It was radical when it was first brought to life, but in today's world of big data its logic is glaringly obvious. A reputable head of planning for a major ad agency recently gave a talk about the status of account planning as a discipline in the advertising industry, and the need to radicalize it again.

Why should you care? Especially if you don't buy advertising or work with any large firms that create ads? Don't miss it! The talk contains valuable advice and perspective if...

* You're a technology entrepreneur who wants to think more smartly about your entire outbound marketing and communications strategy. Take a minute to learn from a smart leader today how to put the customer at the center of that plan.

*  You're in a position to hire an advertising agency. Read this to understand the planning function and know how to vet your potential agency partners for their perspective and skill at this vital discipline.

Read the full text of the talk here. It's by Martin Weigel (@MWeigel), head of planning for Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam.