Read This: A StartupDigest Worth Receiving

Email newsletters, sigh. Except there's this one.  I've followed it for several months now. I open it every single week and, miraculously, find at least two articles that enrich my knowledge or inspire me. Every single time.  Entrepreneurs, I'm not kidding here -- StartupDigest is the thing you should read every week.  And you, big enterprise innovators working in behemoth companies? You'll love this, too.

Today's curated list of things to read, just as an example, includes a 2006 thread on a forum in which Andrew Mason is asking for advice while Groupon is just a glimmer in his eye. A post from Gabriel Weinberg on the challenges consumer apps face when it comes to scaling customers.  A blog post from an entrepreneur and journalist Jeff J. Lin on his first-hand glimpse at Ang Lee's uncertainty of success.  And that's just a quarter of the today's list.

The service was founded by GroupTie co-founder Chris McCann, and curated by him and several colleagues. It's supported by the Kauffman Foundation's