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After decades of running PR and marketing communications firms and helping to bring some of today's most household-name innovations to market, Andy Cunningham had a vision.  She was seeing too many brilliant engineers, scientists, and finance leaders struggling to reach their deserved tipping points because they were misdiagnosing their marketing problems as "PR problems" or "Web site problems," when in fact they faced fundamental strategi marketing problems. She knew there was a better way to scale these promising CEOs with the right strategic marketing focus. In 2012 she transformed her vision into a new kind of marketing consultancy -- one that marries the rigor and leadership of management consulting with the strategic marketing function of technology companies.  Meet SeriesC.  Our team of veteran technology marketing strategists helps companies bring their innovations to market through experienced leadership in business strategy, positioning, product strategy, customer development, market segmentation, go-to-market planning, and more.

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SeriesC in 2012

For a Fortune 500 company, we reorganized the worldwide marketing department, helped hire the right CMO, simplified a large and diverse brand naming architecture, and helped build a market feedback loop into the product development process.

For a growing multinational consumer internet company, we crafted new positioning to prepare for international expansion, and led misaligned executives into alignment around a new strategy for international growth.

For a start-up technology platform, we led development and launch of a critical developer program, educating leadership on best practices for building the program and developer community.

For a start-up consumer software application company with four years and four products launching, we counseled on product launch and made introductions to right-fit launch partners to fuel growth.

For an early start-up, we authored a business plan that resulted in $5M in venture capital financing.

For a stealth start-up with a disruptive big-data technology, we developed detailed product use cases, and crafted a simplified positioning architecture and a relatable narrative of the value proposition.

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