The anatomy of Positioning Statements 

Positioning statements must be precise, concise, and fact-based statements that outline what you do, for whom you do it, why it matters, and what sets you apart. These statements set the foundation for communicating with your audience. Positioning statements are not opinions, fluff, or unfounded hyperbole. They are not campaigns, taglines, or falsities, but rather foundational elements that must be genuine, factual and beyond reproach in order to be effective. We ensure authenticity by incorporating your company DNA into every aspect of the strategy. To effectively understand the current landscape and your role in it requires an investment in the process. Solid positioning statements are developed through a framework for positioning assessment. This framework consists of 5 lenses (core, category, community, competition, and context) and shows your core DNA at its best. This framework and these exercises conducted as a management team are invaluable to achieving the critical factor of executive alignment.


HOW TO Discover your corporate DNA

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