Discover your corporate DNA.

We dig deep into your company to understand its DNA, what inherent parts drive the business of today, tomorrow and through the multitude of market evolutions ahead. We’ve discovered that each company possesses three distinct strands of corporate genesis DNA intertwined to differentiate it from all others. 

    Motivated by customer needs and relationships; focus on segmentation and experience.
    Motivated by technology and what it can do; focus on product quality and value.
    Motivated by a creative vision and bold ideas; focus on category creation and cult of personality.

Once the team is aligned on the DNA and genotype, we can begin the process of seeking a whitespace in the market that is ripe for such a company to fill.


Reveal your DNA at work through these six lenses

COMMUNITY: Who are your customers and stakeholders and what do they need and believe? Do you know who your customer really is? Are you paying attention to what they say, need, believe, and do?

CONTEXT: What trends and forces are shaping the market? What is shaping the world around you? Are there waves you can ride? Are market behaviors emerging and evolving that require a shift in messaging?

COMPETITION: Who offers the competing substitutes, now and in the future? Who is your competition, obvious and tangential? What is your position relative to the alternatives?

CORE: What is your dominant trait at the core of your company? What is your core DNA?

CATEGORY: What category contains you and your inevitable competition? Are you new to the market and looking to demonstrate transformation for fast followers? Are you reframing the customer need and solving it better? Or are you established and looking to improve performance?

CRITERIA: Positioning is strategy and the outcome of this process is a message architecture complete with a vision, mission, value proposition, positioning statement, key messages and elevator story. It's an articulation of what you do, for whom, how you're different, how you make money and your competitive advantage.


Understand how each combines to describe your corporate physiology

The findings within each lens come together to explain what you bring to the table, why it matters, and what makes you special.

  • Core and category describe what you offer.
  • Core, community and context explain why it matters.
  • Community and context define to whom it matters. Core, category, and competition differentiate you further.

This information is further consolidated into concise leverageable revelations.

  • Your category is the winnable, ownable space in which you choose to compete.
  • Your position articulates your differentiated role in your industry and your ultimate customer relevance.
  • Your value proposition defines the key benefit you promise to your most important customers.
  • Your key messages are the top-line messages to communicate to primary audiences.

In this process we also examine brand as it reflects the positioning. That exercise delivers a brand voice, brand promise, brand essence and corporate narrative. It is common for us to deliver a brand book at the conclusion of the positioning and branding work. This book presents the appropriate language for describing the company and ensures the team adheres to it in all internal and external interactions.


The anatomy of Positioning Statements