the Challenge

LuxVue was a stealth, fiercely intelligent and IP-rich hardware company that aimed to disrupt the mobile device market with a novel and transformative micro-LED display lighting technology. The company’s solution was highly technical and in leadership’s words, “difficult to explain quickly.” (It involved never-before-seen inventions in red, green and blue LED manufacturing in form factors as small as human red blood cells, as well as MEMS-based printing technology to place those LEDs with intense precision onto backplanes). The company turned to Cunningham Collective to simplify and clarify a compelling story, designed and nuanced for a highly targeted audience of about 100 powerful decision-makers at the world’s leading mobile device companies. 

the AHa!

Embedded on-site as a member of the LuxVue team, Cunningham Collective led the positioning effort that included a customized and targeted value proposition, key messages, and narrative for each device company. We helped identify and prioritize the appropriate 100 individuals to approach. We also collaborated with a leading brand and design firm on the brand identity and website creation; Cunningham Collective wrote the content for the site, as well as other collateral like targeted Powerpoints and diagrams for individual target customers like Jeff Bezos and Tim Cook. We made recommendations for activating the new brand in the company’s physical offices to communicate credibility and maturity of LuxVue’s company and technology. 

the Results

Our work contributed to LuxVue’s closing of a $25M Series C round in December 2013, and to the acquisition of LuxVue by Apple in 2014.