Funding Circle

the Challenge

Funding Circle's US-based business existed in a sea of growing competitors, many of which had the same messaging yet substantially different offerings. Funding Circle needed to codify its differentiation and communicate its relevance to borrowers during its growth phase — all while considering alignment to the global brand based in the United Kingdom.

the AHa!

As a business started by and dedicated to small business owners, Funding Circle brought both credibility, empathy, and most importantly, a sense of empowerment to its borrowers. This was supported by a stand-out account team that was delivering a personalized experience unique to the industry.

the Results

Cunningham Collective helped Funding Circle capitalize on its customer-centric DNA and identify its unique points of differentiation for both the brand and the borrower community. The work aligned with a large fundraising event and supported growth beyond the $1B in loans already generated by Funding Circle globally.