From The Collective – December 2017

What an exciting year 2017 has been! The Collective is buzzing with business and we have the coolest clients! A sampling of our efforts over the past year:

  • Entered the clean energy market with Inventys
  • Created messaging for 23andMe
  • Helped Johns Hopkins initiate its International Arts + Mind Lab
  • Launched Warehouse Exchange (a marketplace for unused warehouse space), Countsy (an accounting-as-a-service business), and MixR (a social network for women)
  • Developed positioning and branding for OpenGov
  • Teamed with Yandex in a breakout year
  • Collaborated with BlackBerry on a pivot from hardware to software
  • Worked with Google on a Missionary initiative
  • Positioned Accretive for a large and successful acquisition 

In other exciting news, we moved into a beautiful new office in San Francisco, developed a Go-To-Market practice for small companies, published my book Get to Aha!, expanded our Podcast: “Marketing Over Ice,”  were shortlisted for three "PRWeek U.S. Awards 2018" for our BlackBerry work, and created a new newsletter (this is the second edition, so let us know what you think!).
As we gear up for another great year of bringing innovation to market and helping companies with their transformations, transitions and turnarounds, we’d like to wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!


The audio version of Get to Aha! -- narrated by Andy herself -- has just been released! Download it at Amazon.

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Key Executive Mega-Conference
Andy to provide keynote.
February 28, 2018
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