From The Collective – September 2016

Hi there! Things have been very busy here at the Collective. That's great for us, but even better, it signals that people are doing more with marketing which usually suggests a more positive outlook. With this optimism, one of our senior people suggested we share some of our results, collective wisdom and happenings in a monthly update for our Collective Community. Here's the inaugural issue. I hope you enjoy it, but feedback is always welcome.

Andy Cunningham


Philz Coffee.  
With a loyal customer base and incredibly happy employees, Philz Coffee was on the cusp scaling, facing projected 10x growth over the coming three years. Philz came to Cunningham Collective for help cementing its culture, enhancing and maintaining the customer experience, and refining its position and brand to prepare for this scale. See the results


Restructuring is not just about organization. 
Henry Hwong
Having worked with and for several organizations that have undergone major restructuring, I’ve seen the same post-restructuring challenge that seems to linger long after the actual change has occurred. There is a certain slowness that the organization continues to feel, even though there was a lot of work to streamline the organization. You would think that fewer people would make for accelerated decision-making and alignment afterwards — that’s the reason for the reorganization, right? Read more

On his 5th Anniversary, how has Tim Cook fared as Apple CEO? 
Andy Cunningham discusses his tenure on CNBC. Watch now

CMO wisdom via our podcast series.  
Michael Mendenhall, the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Communications Officer of Flex joins Andy for a wide-ranging educational (and inspirational) conversation on the brand transformation at Flex, learning the art of narrative at Disney, being hazed at HP, and the need to be opportunistic and flexible in your organization and your own career. Listen now

We discuss "Women of Influence" with Guy Kawasaki. 
Watch now


See you at Pioneer Summit!  
GSV Pioneer Summit is a conference for breakthrough innovation and game-changing entrepreneurs focused on the people and companies building tomorrow's industries. It convenes a global community of daring entrepreneurs and connects them with leading growth investors and global corporations who can help scale their efforts. Andy Cunningham is speaking at the summit September 14th in Redwood City, California. Learn more

Andy has joined GrowthPlay's Board of Directors. 
GrowthPlay is a sales effectiveness firm that partners with its clients to grow sales. Read more

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