From The Collective – October 2016

In addition to my day job helping companies wrangle their marketing and communications for success, I continue to have the honor to moderate panels of extraordinary women in technology and this month was a Big Twofer!

On September 14, I was lucky enough to lead a conversation among entrepreneurial women at GSVLabs Pioneer Summit in a discussion on how to build diversity in companies: “Startups that Start Right: How to Build-Diversity and Inclusion Into Your Company's DNA.”  Joining me were Diane Flynn, Co-Founder of Reboot Career Accelerator for Women at GSVLabs where she is also the CMO; Lauren Schulte, Founder of The Flex Company (the leader in innovation for feminine care); Pat Wadors, Sr. Vice President of Global Talent at LinkedIn; and Stephanie Lampkin, Founder and CEO of Blendoor, a mobile job matching app that uses a blind recruiting strategy to alleviate unconscious bias in hiring. 

And just last week at the Tech Lab Innovation Center in Santa Clara I spent 90 fascinating minutes on stage with Lila Ibrahim, COO of Coursera; Lisa Hammitt, Vice President and General Manager of BlueWolf (an IBM consultancy); Patty Ann O'Brien White, Vice President and Co-Founder Reboot Career Accelerator for Women at GSVLabs and Punita Pandey, Engineer and Entrepreneur on Sabbatical. 

These are truly amazing women for whom there is no glass ceiling. Their journeys are so inspiring they serve to mentor us all. Check out some of the conversation and the rest of what's happening at The Collective this month.

Andy Cunningham


Another client success: Revolv.  
Cunningham Collective developed Revolv's positioning and helped define its roadmap. This contributed to a $4.5M Series A, and they were acquired by Nest the following year. See how


In defense of Positioning. 
Our passion is positioning companies for success, specifically technology companies, and Andy is writing a book about the process. Think of it as Trout and Ries 2.0. It’s a how-to manual for articulating what your company actually does and why it matters. Read more

CMO wisdom via our podcast series.  
Rebecca Schapiro, the Director of Brand and Product Marketing at Funding Circle talks about her love of Fintech, how a startup failure helped her grow, and her goal of getting a Woodle. Listen now

White paper: Growth Hacking and the Philosopher's Stone. 
Kate Osler
Like alchemists of the past, today's marketers constantly hunt for a recipe that will create a whirlwind of viral growth that accelerates revenue and generates eternal success. Learn how


Another new client. 
Cunningham Collective welcomes BlackBerry to its family of clients this month as we work to help communicate the amazing turnaround CEO John Chen is engineering there pivoting the company from hardware to software. 

Steve Blank interviews Andy on the Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show. 
Listen now

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