From The Collective – December 2016

I love the holidays here in Silicon Valley because they remind us that in addition to being innovation agents we are also very human. Regardless of tribal affiliation, we all enjoy the lights, the trees, the parties and the Santa hats. We take time to decorate our offices and express the Spirit of Christmas. And this year, that spirit is being celebrated by each of us at The Collective in our own personal way and together with cocktails aboard Sea Dog, my brand new Stephens, 1932, 55’ twin-screw motor yacht. Home Sweet Home!

Andy Cunningham


As we close out 2016, we'd like to highlight some of the great pieces of journalism that engaged and moved us this year and call out the other things that inspired us including our clients, the amazing CMOs of Silicon Valley, and our own bloggers and newsletter writers. More to come in 2017!!!

Best of the West.
Congratulations from the Collective to the winners of the Best of the West journalism contest. The reporting is insightful and the writing exceptional. With newspapers in decline, fake news on the rise and citizen journalism in the form of social media our primary news source, it is so very nice to see outstanding journalism--real journalism--get the recognition it deserves. Bravo to these journalists for telling their stories and bravo to Best of the West for honoring them. Check it out

The Voters Decide.
An apolitical analysis of what is happening in U.S. politics through the lens of Aggregation Theory. Read more 

What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Audio Branding.
With Rogue One in theaters, has the Star Wars franchise created the most memorable sounds in the galaxy? Use the Force

Dollar Shave Club and the Disruption of Everything.
Dollar Shave Club is a textbook example of how the new Internet economy will destroy value in incumbent industries. Read more

Death by Revenue Plan.
This article by Steve Blank goes to show how much your marketing (and sales) strategy have to be aligned with your product and company strategy. Read more

The Importance of Getting Things Wrong.
A Harvard professor argues that successful science teaching starts with understanding student misconceptions. Read more

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